Why Coquette Aesthetic is Trending, have you get Coquette shirt today?

Why Coquette Aesthetic is Trending have you get Coquette shirt today
Explore why the Coquette aesthetic is trending and how a Coquette shirt can update your style today!

1. What is Coquette aesthetic?

The term “coquette” refers to a beauty and fashion trend that unabashedly exhibits a style that is ultra-girly and characteristically feminine. Although the term “coquette” refers to a “woman who flirts,” the current trend is more focused on infusing touches that are whimsical, romantic, and delicate into everyday style and design.

When it comes to hair, cosmetics, and nails, the coquette trend frequently incorporates pink and pastel colors, as well as bows, which are the movement’s distinctive accessory. As far as the attire is concerned, the style is a combination of balletcore and various other romantic fashion trends.

Just a brief search on the internet will show you how popular the aesthetic has grown, particularly among members of Generation Z. On TikTok, the hashtag #coquetteaesthetic has received close to five billion views. The number of searches for “bow outfit” on Pinterest has increased by 190% in the month of January. In point of fact, Pinterest forecasted that “bow stacking” would be one of the most significant trends for the year 2024. This trend involves millennials and members of Generation Z wearing bows in their hair, attire, shoes, and jewelry.

Some celebrities, like as Lily-Rose Depp, Zendaya, and Sydney Sweeney, have been spotted wearing this style on the red carpet over the years. Influencers have been all over this look, but it has also been seen on other celebrities. However, it should be noted that the coquette aesthetic is not a novel concept. The growth of numerous Gen Z aesthetics, such as the soft girl aesthetic, peaceful luxury, and cottagecore, has resulted in the rise of a number of varieties of feminine style that have grown increasingly popular.

Lily Rose Depp Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney have been spotted wearing Coquette aesthetic
Lily Rose Depp Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney have been spotted wearing Coquette aesthetic

A stylist from Los Angeles named Marisa Ledford gave an interview to People magazine in which she referred to the concept of coquette as “Gen Z’s take on flirty, soft, hyper-feminine style.” She also made parallels to the “Victorian Regency era.” According to Ledford, the trend gained prominence in the 2010s, particularly on Tumblr blogs that emphasized coquette fashion and took inspiration from the style and music of Lana Del Rey.

Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey’s look in this Coquette trend

2. How a Coquette shirt can update your style

The act of defiance that is represented by such a super-feminine throwback is rather minimal. Many admirers of the style believe that dressing in a feminine or coquette-like manner, such as wearing pastels, bows, or corsets, is a method to regain control of one’s appearance. After all, for a considerable amount of time, it was commonly believed that the way to advance in one’s career was to remove all frills and tulles and to dress in a manner that was regarded as mannish. All of the things that were associated with being a female were seen to be the antithesis of being a serious person.

Dr. Serena Dyer, a fashion historian and professor at De Montfort University, recently gave an interview to the BBC in which she stated, “It’s partly about women’s agency over their bodies; they are presenting what they want and how they want to be presented.” And even though that could be a sexual gaze, there is no indication that it is necessarily a heterosexual gaze,” the speaker continued.

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In a world that is becoming more hostile and difficult, it is not surprising that people feel a sense of nostalgia for the innocence and hopefulness of their childhood. “I’m obsessed over something that I can actually never return to,” Sandy Liang, a designer who has gained a cult following for her bow-adorned creations, recently told The New York Times. “I’m obsessed over something that I can actually never return to.” Anna Sui, another designer who has been turning feminine stereotypes on their heads for a long time with her grungy baby-doll gowns, once remarked, “My clothes are about nostalgia and memories of my own childhood.”

It is possible that we can deduce from this delightful subversiveness that we have been in this place before. In order to make sense of a world that is becoming increasingly convoluted, it is imperative that we comprehend what has occurred.

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